Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Why is the RIAA so afraid of 'the internets'? The open source model can be applied to music. In short you give out whatever you produce for free and your payment is celebrity which you can use to generate income and get perks etc. In music you would give out all of your songs for free online and use the strength of your art to generate draw for concerts, talks, TV shows etc.
So take this to its logical end: if all artists use digital content delivery there is no record company, no RIAA, no piggy backing parasitic organism draining money from artists and causing problems in general. As far as I can see, ending those
does nothing but help the economy as a whole. As sort of an antithesis to the image the RIAA is trying to control the market as whole in a synthetic which is not exactly stable in capitalism either. Whew I hope that never happens, I mean I really enjoy executives censoring my music for me and deciding what music I want to hear and how I want to hear it or have the content delivered. I can't imagine how horrid the world would be if personal politics didn't play into which artists were heard widely and where the best artists rose to the top. Its horrifying.


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