Friday, December 09, 2005

Web 2.0

'Wait.... another one? So I need... like a new internet or something?'

Ever since I saw that buzzword I couldn't stop thinking about it.
My first reaction was to scoff and dismiss it but more and more I think there is a point. The current web has reached a stable end point, and in a world where progress has become a constant and that's not enough. Social MMORPGs are, I think, the closest thing we have now - but its not nearly open enough or variable enough. A world that's completely open and extendable, Snow Crash. W2.0 just might be the 'Next Big Thing'.

I was thinking well if that's the case we will need an open, standard, and extendable language, what HTML was to W1.0. Then I felt like I got kicked in the teeth and finally (feeling like an idiot) understood why XML and RSS are such big deals. Everything is permitted. Only thing to do is wait and see where it goes from here.

Whatever happens - its going to be kind of f'ing cool.

UPDATED 12/19------
"Isn't that like.... a couple years old?"
Just to make something clear Web 2.0 != Internet 2