Saturday, December 10, 2005


Close the world, txEn eht nepO

This is exceedingly cool. These guys basically wrote a modified implementation of IPv7, a completely anonymous network that routes itself, controls itself and has a bunch of advanced functionality. Everything is autonomous and requires no dedicated routers or any other specialized hardware and only requires physical connectivity. Their manual is also in broken, yet functional, English and very fun to read - at times I couldn't be sure if the wording was intentional or not. Fun either way.

In short its a completely new internet... That quote on the previous post was in jest but it fits well. Netsukuku doesn't need ANYTHING but physical connectivity to build an unlimited net - I still can't get over that. A lot of places call it p2p and treat it as another file sharing doohicky but I think they miss the point. In my opinion this is what the internet wanted to be - in the beginning, but no one had the knowledge to implement it.

Freedom used to mean being able to participate in anything you like [meetings, protests], now it seems to mean the ability to not participate [carnivore, preemptive tracking].